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Salteados y Revueltos

Sauteé and Stir fry

Stir fry of Mushrooms, Wild Mushrooms and Prawns

Mixture of sliced mushroom, cut wild mushrooms (Pleorotus ostreatus), peeled raw prawns (prawn, water, salt) and grilled diced onion.

Stir fry of garlic sprouts, Asparragus and Prawns

Mixture of cut garlic sprout, Green asparragus in pieces (stalks and shoots)  and peeled raw prawns (prawn, water, salt)

Traditional Sauteé

Mixture of cut Green bean, red pepper, onion diced, sliced mushroom and broccoli. Ingredients are processed individually from fresh and healthy sorted raw material.

Cod Sauteé

Mixture of garlic sprouts, grilled red pepper, cut Cod, grilled diced onion and Green pepper.

Grilled Vegetable mix with Prawns.

Mixture of grilled aubergine, cut garlic sprouts, Green asparragus in pieces, grilled onion, grilled tomato diced and peeled raw prawns.

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