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IBERFRESCO´s Carrot (Daucus carota) coming from fresh and healthy raw materials, calibrated, cut, washed, sorted and blunted. Afterwards they are blanched and individually frozen (I.Q.F.). No additives used during processing.


Carrot Diameter mm.  Cut mm.
15/30 20/30 6/14 14/18 10x10x10 6x6x6 6x6x33
ZanahoriaDices (big and small)         Si Si  
ZanahoriaBaby carrot     Si Si      
ZanahoriaStrips             Si
ZanahoriaSlice smooth and boiled Si            
ZanahoriaSlice smooth and blanched   Si          
ZanahoriaSlice crinkled and boiled   Si          
ZanahoriaSlice crinkled and blanched   Si          

Carrot diced Baby carrot Carrot stripped Carrot Sliced and smooth Carrot Sliced and crinkled
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