Leer másSelection of the best vegetables requires a great effort. The necessary process for conservation, the utmost care and responsibility.

Plantation / Farming


At IBERFRESCO we have a fully integrated Quality Control System into all operations and processes, from plantation and growing of crops to processing, storage and delivery to the customer.

Our vegetables come from highly technified farms/fields and based on long lasting contractual relationship with close by farmers to get a high quality  and reliable supply of raw material. The whole process is controlled by our agronomist team.



The production is done according to the principles of Sustainable Agriculture and Low Environmental Impact and every step of the process is controlled by the HACCP system to ensure the integrity of the final products. Furthermore we apply Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) protocol to certify the Total Traceability of all manufactured products.
Our practices are supported by our extensive experience in the production of IQF Frozen Vegetables and we are verified by third party accreditations such as IFS and ISO 22000, it involves complying with the most stringent conditions of hygiene and control to meet all statutory, legal and customer requirements , even exceeding them as our IFS High Level 2014 can witness


Within our policy of continuous improvement, Iberfresco still making great efforts in the area of ​​quality. This is a chronological summary of the latest actions:

  • January 2012: implementation of a new computer system integrated ERP (Enterprise resource planning) that allows, among other things, improve traceability and coordinate the computer records of all our processes and documents more efficiently.

  • January-February 2012: Final settings  to ensure better performance of our new sortex, according to the requirements of Iberfresco.

  • June 2012: Certification of Quality System Iberfresco, once again, under the IFS and ISO 22000 standards by authorized external certification company.

  • October 2012: Increase of the workforce at the Quality Department in order to ensure greater control of product processed by Iberfresco.

  • April 2013: Launching of the new packing line and area with higher production capacity, segregation of areas for increased food security (incorporating automatic dump) and introducing new technologies for quality assurance.

  • June 2013: Certification of IBERFRESCO´S Quality Control System, once again, under the IFS and ISO 22,000 certification by accredited external company. "

  • August-September 2014: Final settings  to ensure better performance of our new sortex, according to the requirements of Iberfresco.

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