Leer más We control the entire crop cycle in narrow cooperation with our farmers, to obtain a total TRACEABILITY system, corner stone of our top Quality policy.


Origin and Selection

Our selection of varieties, cultivated with care, come from highly technified farms/fields.

We control the entire growing cycle in narrow cooperation with our farmers, to obtain a FULL  TRACEABILITY, our principle of high quality.



Harvesting  and supply

Our agronomist team monitor the optimum ripeness point.

The proximity of farms chosen allows harvesting and transport with own equipment and machinery minimizing time employed.

Processing / Manufacturing

We ensure the organoleptic qualities of the fruit with techniques that maintain the excellence of his origin, with minimal intervention:

  • Applying appropriate treatments to each need different texture (blanching, steaming, cooking) IQF (Individual Quick Freezing) freezing.
  • With the stringest selection by artificial vision, process and packaging.

  • All phases certified by the most demanding quality standards: ISO 22000 and IFS.

Delivering results

We adapt to the needs of our customers and their markets: Gauges, mixtures, types of cutting, packaging formats.

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