Leer másThe proximity of fields allows for harvesting and transport with our own harvesting machinery minimizing time and risks.
Guisante Alcachofa Judía verde redonda
Zanahoria Menestra Pochas
Patata Ensaladilla Judía verde plana

As one of the Spain’s leading IQF frozen food manufacturers, IBERFRESCO selects and sorts the best vegetables under the strictest quality control criteria in order to provide our customers with the highest quality standards of IQF Frozen Vegetables

Thanks to our supply-production and marketing vertical integrated system, we can guarantee full traceability of our whole production.


If you want the highest quality results, you have to start with the very best raw materials, this is what our agronomist team looks after. We control the entire process, which ranges from selecting the best fields, plantation and growth of crops to its harvesting with our own equipment and machinery.


Thanks to our broad experience and the innovative equipment and procedures that we apply to our production, we are capable to process a big number of products with enormous flexibility and total reliability, not just delivering excellent products but adapting to our customers needs.


Flexibility and service is a must for IBERFRESCO, this is why we can supply our comprehensive portfolio in a wide range of attractive, purpose designed packaging formats to suit our customer´s needs.

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