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The proximity of fields allows for harvesting and transport with our own harvesting machinery minimizing time and risks.


Location and Facilities


IBERFRESCO is located in Road N-601 Km 148, in Olmedo (Valladolid). It is located in a prime location easily accessible by road, very close to the motorway A-6 and A-68, and natural connection to the southeast and central peninsular northwest and north.

IBERFRESCO counts on a great infrastructure both in equipment&facilities and buildings and land as well. The factory occupies an área of around 48,000 m2, thereof 19,000 m2 of facilities, with an environmental friendly view, with our biological treatment plant.

Supply: More than 3,500 hectares of specialized irrigated lands, fully traced and controlled in a long-lasting and confidence based relationship with 120 reliable farmers.

Machinery and Equipment

IBERFRESCO counts on modern harvesting machinery and processing equipmente which currently accounts for a production capacity of 30,000 tons per year. A huge investment effort has been made in recent years to allow us to increase production volumen and current product range.

IBERFRESCO has a staff of 90 employees, thereof 80% of the workforce are local employees and out of that 80%, 65% are female staff.

IBERFRESCO works with leading national and international logistics operators to ensure that the product is always in top condition.

Although our main market are domestic customers, we also have a long experience and structure to supply other countries.

Recent improvements

Under our continuous improvement policy, Iberfresco makes regularly great efforts in production and logistics areas. This is a chronological summary of recent actions:

  • January 2012: Acquisition of 2 new Sorting Machines (SORTEX) with state-of-the art technology for the packing area, that eliminates and / or minimize the risk of foreign matter, further improving food safety in all products manufactured by Iberfresco.
  • February 2012:  Installation and Commissioning of a new Cold Storage for 10,000 pallets in mechanized mobile shelving, with storage capacity for 7 million kilograms. As a whole, own storage capacity increases up to 21,000 pallets, equivalent to approximately 14 million kilograms.
  • March 2012: Installation and Commissioning of 3 new loading docks, with an área for orders conditioning-at a controlled temperatura of 5 degrees, ensuring the cold chain in all our shipments
  • April 2012: Improving civil Works and Access around the perimeter of the factory, enlarging outdoor areas for further and better storage capacity of by-products, inputs, chemicals, company cars, etc.
  • September 2012: Comprehensive Improvement of the logistics system, including the creation of delivery notes by radio frequency. Iberfresco can already guarantee delivery of both full truck and groupage/consolidated within 48 hours nationwide.
  • April 2013:  Installation and Commissioning of the new packaging area with new lines and production equipment based on new technologies such as automatic tipping, new multihead packing-machine, checkweighing and metal detectors, which contributes to Iberfresco greater capacity and production quality.


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